Safety tips for participating in airdrops!

1. Never pay for an airdrop

If a blockchain project is asking you for money to participate in the airdrops, go away immediately. You will never see dropped coins, but you will probably lose what you have.

2. Never share your private key

This is mentioned several times now, but it is worth to mention it again. Never share your private key with anyone.

3. Create a new dedicated email address

Create a new email address that you will use only for the airdrops. DO not forget to set different password to it. Best practice will be to have a different aliases emails for different websites, in example But for this you will need to have an own domain, and to forward all emails from a domain (that are not real email accounts) to a real email that you use.

4. Never give your private email

Never use your private email for participation in crypto airdrops. If you have a doubt in project legitimacy do not even share your real name.

5. Never use same password for different account

You should apply this rule regardless airdrops participation. Best practice is to use on of the good password manager applications.

6. If you have doubts about project legitimacy avoid KYC airdrops

If you have any doubts about blockchain project legitimacy avoid passing the KYC (it stands for the Know Your Customer). It is up to you if you want to share your personal information.

7. Create a new Ethereum address that you will use only for the airdrops

Even if the scammers cannot do you harm if you submit your primary address (if you even have one), they can see yours past transactions and perhaps you can be the future target. It is best to create new Ethereum address that you will use only for the airdrops.